Bill Hammond: Repeal Scaffold Law

In today’s New York Daily News, columnist Bill Hammond calls on Governor Cuomo to focus on systemic solutions to promote job creation and economic growth:

Cuomo talks a good game about making New York “open for business.” But his marquee economic development programs, such as Start-Up NY tax-free zones near college campuses, benefit a lucky few while doing nothing for the mom-and-pops that account for half of all private-sector employment in the state.

“You can’t keep mandating increases in cost — particularly labor — if you’re not substantially reducing their expenses,” says the National Federation of Independent Business’ Michael Durant.One glaring example of a costly burden that’s ripe for repeal: New York’s Scaffold Law. The outdated statute makes building owners fully liable for injuries from falls on construction sites even if the worker is mostly to blame. Reform is overdue.

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