New Life for Reform Bills in Albany?

As the Times Union reports, the immenent departure of Sheldon Silver as Speaker of the Assembly has given new hope to advocates of Scaffold Law reform.

Tom Stebbins has a keen interest in the developments surrounding Speaker Sheldon Silver’s fall from the leadership of the state Assembly.

Stebbins, head of the state Lawsuit Reform Alliance, has long complained that Silver’s outside job as an attorney for a major law firm has been a major reason that efforts to reform New York’s creaky legal system have been blocked in the Assembly.

But now, with Silver leaving his leadership post, Stebbins knows that reforming New York’s tort statutes won’t be easy, given the lobbying power of the state’s trial lawyers.

It’s only one of the issues on which advocates hope to see movement after two decades of what they describe as Silver’s obstructionism — although those on the other side see as principled opposition.

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