New York State Of Politics: Anti-Scaffold Group- $300M Could Be Saved On Gateway Project

“A group that backs changes to the Scaffold Law in New York in a analysis released Tuesday found the law is adding as much as $300 million to the cost of the Gateway tunnel project between New York and New Jersey. The $13 billion Port Authority project has been a top priority for Gov. Andrew...
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New York Daily News: Group seeking to repeal N.Y. Scaffold Law that hikes insurance costs for rail tunnel plan under Hudson River

“A multi-billion dollar plan to build a new rail tunnel under the Hudson River could be even more expensive because of a 19th century liability law critics say drives up liability insurance costs, a group looking to repeal the law warned Tuesday. The so-called Scaffold Law holds contractors and property owners liable for construction “gravity-related...
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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Common Good Releases Paper on New York’s “Obsolete, Inequitable” Scaffold Law

**FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: October 17, 2017** Contact: Adam Morey 518-512-5265 Common Good Releases Paper on New York’s “Obsolete, Inequitable” Scaffold Law Law Could Add $300 Million to the Cost of the Gateway Rail Tunnel Project “classic example of obsolete law, and is indicative of a problem with American law generally” NEW YORK, NY –...
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Legislative Gazette: Report blames Scaffold Law for high costs and slow progress on infrastructure improvements

“A regulatory reform coalition that works to “simplify bureaucratic structures” unveiled a paper today that portrays New York’s “Scaffold Law” as outdated, costly and as an impediment to infrastructure improvements. “For too long, New Yorkers have lived with the unintended consequences of New York’s Labor Law §240, a 19th-century statute commonly called the ‘Scaffold Law’...
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