Disaster Relief Group: Scaffold Law Hindering Relief Efforts

Today, four New York based disaster relief groups sent a letter to Governor Cuomo and three legislative leaders detailing how the Scaffold Law has severely hindered their ability to provide relief to victims of Superstorms Sandy and Irene.

The groups, which include All Hands Volunteers, Friends of Rockaway, the St. Bernard Project, and the Stephen Siller Tunnel to Tower Foundation, emphasize that the Scaffold Law has made it difficult and extremely expensive to acquire necessary insurance coverage.

For many of our organizations, the cost of construction insurance in New York is prohibitive, and several disaster relief organizations are unable to provide relief to New York families because of the lack of insurance due to the Scaffold Law. 

This cost and availability crisis is exclusive to New York, as is the Scaffold Law.  This is not an insurance problem; it is a New York problem. We enjoy strong and productive relationships with our insurance carriers in all other 49 states, but most of those carriers will not write policies in New York due to the presence of the Scaffold Law.

Make no mistake – the Scaffold Law has directly and significantly hindered our ability to help hundreds of New Yorkers return home after Superstorm Sandy. 

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