Scaffold Law Forcing Rochester Company Out of Business

Mary Ellen Belding is a small business owner that New Yorkers can be proud of. A lifelong resident of New York, Mary Ellen spent thirty years in the construction industry before opening her own business, Structural Remediation Services (SRS), five years ago. SRS is a 100% woman-owned union contracting business specializing in concrete and masonry work.

Mary Ellen’s first priority is keeping her workers safe. “Without our employees, we cannot survive or thrive” she says. She is a member of the National Safety Society, the Associated General Contractors Safety Committee, and several other safety councils. The results speak volumes about her commitment – SRS has an outstanding safety record, and has never been sued.

But because of the Scaffold Law, SRS will soon be forced to close its doors. “In seventeen business days, SRS will be out of business,” Mary Ellen says, visibly distressed. After that, her insurance will expire. Mary Ellen can’t get insurance for her business – despite a sterling record – because insurance companies have completely abandoned the market. Small business owners like Mary Ellen, and the workers who depend on her, are being left high and dry. “The insurance companies won’t take on the risk for a premium that will never cover the losses.”

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