Astorino’s Remedy for New York’s Economic Woes

In today’s New York Post, the editorial board highlights New York republican gubernatorial candidate Rob Astorino’s jobs plan. High on the list? You guessed it – Scaffold Law Reform.

There’s hope for New York’s economy yet — and you can find it in the jobs plan Rob Astorino presented Tuesday.

The Republican candidate for governor believes lower taxes, fewer government rules and mandates, fracking and investment in roads and bridges can help reverse the state’s economic woes.

It’s a refreshing change. And there’s good reason to believe it can work, whoever’s governor.

Face it: New York’s economy has stagnated, particularly outside the city. Year after year, rating groups list us as one of the worst states in which to do business and place our economic prospects at the bottom. For much of Upstate, conditions long ago became desperate.

Here’s what Astorino proposes:

Regulatory reform: Ban any new rules and review those on the books. He’d also repeal the Scaffold Law, a costly, outdated gift to lawyers that’s unique to New York.

Lower taxes: Cut or roll back state spending, make the property-tax cap permanent and repeal “hidden taxes on health-insurance premiums.”

Read the full editorial here

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