Thruway Authority Proposed 2015 Budget Shows Toll Hikes Likely

In today’s Time Warner News, Karen Tararache

The president of the Empire Center for Public Policy, E. J. McMahon said, “Sometime in the next few years the thruway will be raising tolls. In all likelihood that is pretty clear by looking at their finances.”

But what you may not know yet is the proposed 2015 NYS Thruway budget outlines a 44 percent increase in tolls in the next four years.

“By 2018 if they don’t change anything else, they will be $300 million short of what they need to balance their budget,” McMahon said, which broken down in layman’s terms means, “The toll from Albany to Buffalo which is now $12.85 for a passenger car will have to go up to $18.50.”

He suggests options may lie within repealing the state’s scaffolding law which drives up the insurance costs for highway workers or another option may be to revisit wages for union laborers.

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