Buffalo Law Journal: New York State’s Scaffold Law Debate Heats Up

This week, the Buffalo Law Journal published an article exploring the continued fight for change of New York’s Scaffold Law. The article paid special focus to the coalition for reform, quoting the Lawsuit Reform Alliance of New York’s Executive Director, Tom Stebbins:

“Efforts being made in Albany

Advocates of Scaffold Law reform claim that it’s not only an unfair statute, there’s also a negative impact on attracting businesses and affordable housing to New York state. They say most insurance companies will not write policies in New York, and the ones that do have skyrocketing premiums.

‘As long as the Scaffold Law is on the books, New York will continue to struggle to build new affordable housing units. Further, the Scaffold Law will add billions in costs to the governor’s ambitious infrastructure plans,’ said Tom Stebbins, executive director of the Lawsuit Reform Alliance of New York, which is helping organize the reform effort.”

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