The Bronx Chronicle: NY Homeowners May Be Liable for Worker Injuries

This past Sunday, The Bronx Chronicle published an op-ed written by the Lawsuit Reform Alliance of New York’s Executive Director, Thomas B. Stebbins. The op-ed was in response to a piece written by a trial attorney forewarning home owners of the potential to be held liable for for injured workers during home renovations. Mr. Stebbins further detailed that this is only the case in New York and why, stressing that the time is now for reform.

An Excerpt:

“One notable omission in David Lesch’s recent column (RENOVATING? HOMEOWNERS MAY BE RESPONSIBLE FOR INJURED WORKERS, 2/21/16) is that New York is the only state in the nation where you, as a homeowner may be held liable for injuries during renovations.

The law cited by Mr. Lesch, Labor Law 240, is also known as the Scaffold Law, and it holds property owners and contractors absolutely liable for injuries even if, in the words of the court, the defendant had “nothing to do with the plaintiff’s accident.”Any contributing fault by the worker is irrelevant. To quote Mr. Lesch, “you wouldn’t think it’s possible, but it is.'”

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