POLITICO: Scaffold Law opponents renew perennial push with a glimmer of hope

POLITICO New York published an article focused on the Scaffold Law Reform Coalitions continued push to fix the law and the new legislation leading the charge.

An excerpt:

“Changing New York’s Scaffold Law is one of those issues that comes up every session – and dies a quiet death every time. But opponents of the 19th-century statute remain confident that relatively new leadership in the Assembly – and a new champion – may change boost their chances this time around.

“‘We’re always optimistic,’ said Tom Stebbins of the Lawsuit Reform Alliance of New York. ‘You can’t have a law that costs billions and causes injuries and expect that’s going to stay on the books. We didn’t know a lot of that information before; now that we do, there’s really no reason that this law should still be on the books.'”

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