Contractors Call for Moratorium on Scaffold Law

As construction work resumes across New York, contractors are urging Governor Andrew Cuomo to freeze parts of the state’s controversial scaffold law.

Otherwise known as Labor Law 240, the scaffold law puts absolute liability for workersʼ injured in a worksite fall on contractors and property owners when it is found that proper safety measures weren’t in place.

The Scaffold Law Reform Coalition (SLRC) and the New York State City Special Riggers Association (NYCSRA) have sent an urgent appeal to Governor Andrew Cuomo asking him to use his executive authority to issue a moratorium on the “absolute liability” provisions of what they call “anachronistic and inequitable” Scaffold Law.

The NYCSRA has been working with the Lawsuit Reform Alliance of NY to support reform of the Scaffold Law which holds contractors and property owners absolutely liable for any elevation-related injuries sustained by a worker, regardless of the worker’s gross negligence.

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